TAIEX workshop

Skopje, 13-14 March 2012


On 13-14 March 2012 in Skopje the workshop was held on the “Criteria, Measures and Standards on the Physical Protection of Classified Information in the state organs, public enterprises and private companies”. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the European Commission from Brussels, within the framework of the TAIEX instrument.

Chair of the workshop was the Director of the Directorate for Security of Classified Information, while presenters were experts of the National Security Authorities of the Kingdom of Spain, the Slovak Republic, the Republic of Hungary and the Republic of Cyprus: Mr. Javier Lougedo Calderon, Mgr. Peter Grebáč, Ms. Zsófia Szabó and Mr. Ilias Chatzikoumis.

Representatives of some 60 state organs, private companies and other legal entities users of classified information participated in the workshop. They had the possibility to familiarize themselves with the criteria, measures and standards on physical security of classified information in the EU and in the countries represented by the presenters. The follow-up discussions indicated the interest incurred by the topics discussed in the presentations, as well as the readiness of the legal entities and the natural persons as users of classified information for further implementation and upgrading of the existing measures and standards on physical security of classified information.