TAIEX Expert Mission in Cooperation with the NSA of the Republic of Slovenia

Skopje, 14-16 June 2016


In the period from 14 to 16 June 2016, representatives of the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information (NSA) of the Republic of Slovenia visited Skopje in an expert mission, supported by the TAIEX instrument of the European Commission.
The aim of the expert mission was passing on the Slovenian knowledge and lessons learnt from the field of the industrial security, obtained in the framework of the EU and NATO membership, and exchange of the experiences of the both countries related to the vetting procedures of the legal entities, issuing Facility Security Clearances to companies participating in classified tenders, security awareness activities, as well as to other industrial security related issues. Throughout the working sessions discussions were led on case studies and possible solutions to the challenges that both countries face concerning the current regulations, security procedures and inspection supervision related to the industrial security of classified information.